I Hated Running

6 Sep

Honestly, I hated running when I was young.

The part of gym class where we had to run the mile – it was never a favorite part. And one mile seemed such a long way. The best I could muster was in the eight to nine minute range.

My lack of running chops in high school no doubt helped eliminate me from consideration for the ROTC scholarships I coveted.

So when a neighbor offered me a number for Atlanta’s famous Peachtree Road Race 10k – I thought for
A few days and then accepted it.

I was in good shape, but running was like a last ditch athletic activity for me that I took when I didn’t have access to a gym.

My first race out I ran a 54:06 10k. Not record setting but I beat the one hour goal I had set.

And everything I had believed before flipped. The crowd, the energy, the other runners and the competition had inspired me.

Thoughts of other races entered my head – and before long I was training. A month later I ran a total of seventy miles.

Sometimes your perceptions and beliefs change exercise change. You just have to be open to the experience and ride the wave.


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