If You Need Substitutes for Foods You Shouldn’t Eat, You Will never be Fit

12 Sep

I’m going to take one out of the book of one of my favorite bloggers, Julien Smith. I’ll state what might be unpopular but is obvious to the enlightened.

If you seek to replace foods you shouldn’t eat with substitute foods out of a box, you will never achieve your fitness or health goals.

If you are supposed to be on a gluten free diet and seek out extensive gluten free replacement products, you will never successfully live gluten free.

If you are attempting to live low carb and are buying boxes of low-carb cookies, you will never live low carb.

No matter what diet you might pursue – Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach Zone or Paleo – as long as you look for solutions from boxes you will never be successful.

Living in a structured lifestyle like Paleo requires adherence to principles: eating high quality foods with minimal amounts of processing. If you are planning your “cheat days” every week – then the motivation is not firmly in place.

But what about snacks? To paraphrase what was said on a Paleo Solution Podcast, calling them snacks implies that you can break with your meal form for a “throwaway” episode of eating with regrettable nutrition.

Continuing the same behavior that landed you in the fitness level you want to change will leave you in the same place as you’ve always been.

You have to take the full commitment to reach the goal.

Are your ready to fully commit? If you are, then dive in.

If not – don’t bother starting. You will never finish.


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