Game Day and Race Day Fuel

14 Sep

Last fall, when Evan started out playing U5 soccer, we started a regular pattern – of always having poached eggs on mornings when he had a match.  (Yes Paleo friends, he likes poached eggs and starting eating them at age 4.)

We carried that through the spring and restarted it again on Saturday.  Soccer eggs, as he says.

I haven’t been as consistent with race day and game day meals.

For soccer, I’ve adhered to a 90 minute pre-match moratorium on food.  All eating needs to be done 90 minutes before, and it needs to be lighter fare – small sandwich (in my prior bread eating days), small salad and fruit.

For running, I’ve also used the 90 minute rule.  Race times usually mean early morning, so I was traditionally a cereal eater (Go Lean Crunch!) before leaving the house.  For my last 5k (The Hickory Flat Out 5k) I broke form and ate sautéed Kale with bacon and smoked turkey.  I didn’t have any digestive problems in race.

So how do you fuel for your sport?


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