Adult League Scrimmages

19 Sep

Sunday afternoon was our first day for the fall season for my Adult (20+) soccer team. We play in a 7v7 “House League” with United FA.

I started playing soccer as an adult. I played maybe two fall seasons of soccer as a kid – the organization I was playing in had a single age group that covered most of Elementary School and even in 1st grade played on a full size or near full size field, goals and with goalkeepers. Not the best situation for a young kid to learn a sport.

A few years ago, I started looking at ways I could play sports again. I wanted a sport that fit into a time window, and had a physical aspect to it. My initial thought was lacrosse, but I couldn’t find opportunities to play (and entry cost was higher.) Soccer became the option and I signed up for my first league starting in January 2010. I’ve played Fall, Winter and Spring each season since and supplemented over this past summer with small-sided pickup games.

I’ve really enjoyed playing the sport – and I think learning to play as an adult has brought me a different view of the sport than if I had learned as a child. I can approach all aspects of the game – the mental, the physical and the technical independently and put my analytical mind to work.

I’ve usually played in the back on defense – usually on the left side but in the spring started to go forward more often.  I’m nowhere near the ball handler of some of my teammates, but I can be tenacious on defense and I’m still improving.

Coaching kids has forced me to improve my own game as I see more how the sport is played and learned.

I’m looking forward to playing weekly in the fall and taking advantage of the physical strength and endurance I’ve gained through a summer of conditioning.


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