New Gear is Fun for Kids

22 Sep

One of my learnings from last winter with Aidan was that kids like to pick out their own gear.  He picked his own boots – Adidas Predators in Electricity.

They get to have a feel of ownership, and pick something that picks their personality.

To make it easy – and give the best selection, this year we shopped through one of my favorite suppliers, Eurosport.  Evan selected the Adidas F5 TRX FG in Anodized Purple (Affiliate link).

Evan's New Shoes

He’s been excited to wear them this fall.  He has shown them to everyone – friends, other parents, and older kids.

I’ve also shown him some pictures of top level players like David Silva and David Villa wearing the same boot in the same colors.  Huge up for him to know that players for Manchester City and Barcelona wear the same shoe (well, not exactly the same – but for him it is) boots.

There’s an old adage – “Look Good, Feel Good.  Feel Good, Play Good.”  It certainly applies to kids as well!


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