The Best of STR Skills School’s YouTube for U8 and Below

23 Sep

I’m a firm believer in the need for players to develop 1v1 skills. It’s the basis for all of soccer – the ability of one player to defeat another through dribbling acumen is a required skill.

Of course, we live in an age where we can find instructions of how to do anything on YouTube – and 1v1 soccer skills are no different. STR Skills School, the creation of Steven Roberts from the UK, is among the best producers of Soccer videos on Youtube. These are some of my favorite videos I’ve used, and that I think U8 players are capable of.

The Ronaldo Chop

A quick heel pass delivered in a run.

The Stepover/Scissors Turn

One of the most common moves seen on the pitch. A matter of rhythm and practice to master.

The Elastico

A quick flick of the ball to the side to deceive, before moving in the intended direction.

The Nutmeg/Panna

What better way to confuse your opponent than send the ball through his or her legs?

The Pull/Push

A stop and go.

And these are just the start!


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