Fitness Metrics as of October 1, 2011

2 Oct

Diet: Paleo plus dairy
I’ve been largely successful in living paleo this past month. I’ve completely quit cereal in the morning and haven’t used bread at all. There’s still a little flour that shows up in meals occasionally but it the exception versus the rule.

I do still have dairy in my diet but mostly is in the form of either full fat cheese, homemade Greek yogurt (whole milk) or a small amount of butter.

I’m getting dark green leafy vegetables at every meal of the day now.

I’ve also reduced my caffeine intake as a result of my higher natural energy level.

Weight Lifting
I lifted weights 11 days in September, down from 15 in August. I lost a few days at month start to the holiday and business travel during the month.

My maximum squat increased from 180 to 205 pounds. It’s probably less about actual strength increase and just choosing to work heavier.  Maximum bench press increased five pounds to 150 pounds and maximum deadlift increased five pounds to 185 pounds.


I slacked off on running in September…a lot!  I ran 8 miles in September.  It was a reaction to needing more sleep and choosing weight lifting over running this month – but I’ll get back into this month to prepare for the Atlanta Half Marathon.


Soccer season resumed and I played two days this month.  I also put in a lot of solo time and time on the ball with my own kids and my two soccer teams.

Weight: 145 pounds, steady to last month

I haven’t lost weight, but I think I’ve reduced my skin fat at the midsection. I’m also seeing more definition and muscle tone.


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