Sunday Soccer (Times Two)

3 Oct

Sunday was my second match of the fall season.  This week, we had seven for our side and our opponents also had a full side.  Game on!

It wasn’t my best day of defense.  I got turned a few times by good ball handling and good passing by the other team.  At the end, I know I probably could have put out higher effort at times – but my mental errors were probably greater than what physical output I had available.

After my game, I was able to put together pick up soccer for my two sons with a couple of teammates from their teams and a teammate’s sibling.  They played 3v3 and 2v2 for about 45 minutes.  All three of the U8’s playing were much more composed in the 3v3 setting than even during our 3v3 scrimmages at practice.  I also noticed Evan, my 5 year old son really played patiently on the ball and took time to think through his movements.  He also did as good a job taking up a supporting position when teammates had the ball and making himself open as possible.

It’s interesting to watch the kids play uninterrupted and with minimal adult intervention.  I sat down on the side and just watched – a really enjoyable way to spend late Sunday afternoon.



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