Is Silence Golden?

4 Oct

Over at A Coaching Life, a weekend’s worth of game’s leads the author to conclude that calm sidelines lead to calm players and quality play by the team.

I wonder what leads to calm sidelines.  Are the parents at a state where they know that their children are at a level of knowledge where “advice” from the sidelines is unneeded?  Have the parents been lulled into just watching through such a frequent level of play that they are less excited than they were when their kids were seven or eight?

I observed some calm play by kids from my teams during pick up games on Sunday.  My first thought wasn’t that they were feeding off of the sideline energy of their games, but it’s entirely possible.  Out of the element of a normal game, they no doubt had a reduced level of pressure.  But are parents a lot of the pressure?

Our sideline at the pick up game was three parents, having a quiet conversation away from the action of the game.  No coaching, no cheering, just kids enjoying play on a sunny afternoon.  Is this what they need more of on game day?



One Response to “Is Silence Golden?”

  1. andrew watson October 4, 2011 at 10:51 am #

    I found that in U8, U10 and U12 that because the field was bigger there was hardly any point in yelling at the kids and so did the parents. There were a few parents I had to talk to, though.

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