Running Restart

4 Oct

After the Hickory Flat Out 5k on Labor Day, I put my running shoes away. For the first couple days, it was just scheduling. But after that, it was a combination of enjoying getting my sleep patterns back to normal and just resting my body.

However, I knew I needed to get back on the road, and prepare for the Atlanta Half Marathon. I knew October would need to be a big month of preparation.

Thus this week, I knew it was the time.

After running early morning during the summer, I transitioned back to daytime runs like I did last fall and winter. The weather has changed in Atlanta and now we have the best weather of the year – sunny, breezy and temperatures in the 60’s. I planned a mid-morning run to enjoy it all.

I think Atlanta is known among the runners in the area as a hilly place to run. Especially in the neighborhoods I frequent – there’s no way to avoid hills. I often start at the LA Fitness at Ansley Mall – a place I’ve found that will always take you on a net climb in mile 1 no matter which way you run.

My planned route was to head east on Rock Springs Road towards Decatur, and then onto Clairmont Road, Scott Boulevard, and return via Ponce de Leon. In total – more than ten miles. Before my hiatus, I was regularly running 10 mile runs – so I figured it would be no problem.

I also planned my run to fall a couple of hours after breakfast and be able to eat lunch when I was done. I ended up going out about 3 hours after breakfast – great timing to avoid any cramps, and I figured after doing so many runs this summer first thing in the morning on an “empty” stomach I would be fine as far as fuel.

I hit about six miles in and the hunger kicked in a big way. The last four plus miles ended up being on an empty stomach.

My tempo (average 8:38 per mile) is still off from where I want to be come race day, but still lots of time left to get that corrected and attempt a personal record in November.

I’m going to need to be vigilant with eating this month – I need to ensure that I take in enough food not to lose weight in the course of training miles. Go to foods will probably be whole milk and whole milk yogurt, as well as adding some size to my meals.

Mileage splits and Route Map from RunKeeper:

mi Pace (min/mi) Elevation (ft)
1 8:13 126
2 8:11 -32
3 8:17 -43
4 8:30 123
5 8:24 -19
6 8:53 49
7 8:27 -76
8 9:15 69
9 8:43 -96
10 9:12 -69
11 9:03 -38

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