Back on the Field

21 Oct

After traveling last weekend and missing our teams’ practices, I’m back on the field this week for practices tonight and matches tomorrow for both the U6 and the U8 team.

Our U8 team continued in a similar fashion last week.  My team manager ran the practice and the game line up.  A big problem – our team was short for the game last week.  Besides my son traveling, another player was off and another was late for the match – leaving four players to start the game.  They ended up playing (borrowing some siblings and from the opponent).  And woes on offense continued without any players scoring this week.

I’m feeling a bit lost of where to pick up this week – between the off week at the beginning of the month and my own week away last week, this month has been without rhythm for the team.

It’s a bit disheartening for the kids I think that we have so much trouble scoring and just getting the ball forward.  One of my goals this fall was to get everyone (or as close to everyone) to score this fall.  So far, we’ve only had two players score.  Another three have had shots on target but we have a major problem getting the ball into the offensive half of the field in our possession.  I had firmly believed that with more time spent playing this season, and more time doing individual ball work, and introduction of some basic concepts of offense and positioning – that the game would start to make sense for more of the players.

So, where to go from here?  I think tonight after our group skills work we’ll work on the 2v2 format.  We’ll start at the basic format – give each team a chance to play the ball from the back and attempt to score.  Along the way, emphasize the positioning of the second player and the role of the second player on each side of the ball.  I’ll remind the players about using their skills – turns and deception to help defeat the defender.  After a couple of passes through the basic 2v2 game, add the requirement of one successful pass before attempting a shot.

I’m not sure where we will be when we take the field at 9 AM tomorrow – but I’m looking for some measure of improvement tomorrow.


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