Match Week 6: U6 and U8 Match Reports

24 Oct

Fall really had set in before this week’s matches.   When I arrived with Aidan to warm up for our 9 AM start for the U8 match, the grass was frost and the temperature was about 45 degrees.

U8 Match

At match start, we had six of our seven players with the seventh arriving close to half time.

Of all of the matches we’ve played this season, this was the most evenly matched with our opponent.  There was a lot of positives to the way the team played today.

My son, and his two teammates also enrolled in the extra skills training all used some of the moves taught in their sessions.  It was a big positive to see them use the moves in the match and have enough confidence to try.  They were all about 50/50 successful.

Our team got forward with the ball far more in today’s game.  The opponent played one player back, usually around midfield and we had good success getting around him.  Aidan was successful in getting the ball in the net in the first quarter but regularly had shots on goal. Several teammates also had shots on goal.

We also had some successful, thoughtful passing.  Kids taking time, and putting the ball actually where it would seem they planned.

One word about our opponent – they had a lot of in-game coaching from the bench.  Coach was constantly shouting “Center it!” and other instructions to his players.  Usually the players did their own thing.

U6 Match

By 11 AM, the weather had warmed substantially.  It was a beautiful late morning match time.

We added one more scorer this week.  Another of my returning players added goals for our team this week – and he wasn’t a scorer last year.  Now five of our six players have become engaged in the games and playing.  It’s great to see.

The kids were a little bit lethargic this morning when it came to getting back on defense.  When the ball changed directions, if it got past a player, they were likely to give up.  We also resorted to chasing behind players and not getting in front of the opponents.

We’ll resort to 1v1 again this week at practice.



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