Personal Highlights

24 Oct

Over my 20 months of playing soccer, I’ve stayed mostly as a defender and didn’t make many runs into the offensive half of the field.  It’s a deal I’ve made with myself – I can defend reasonably well for an adult league, but my foot skills aren’t to the level of my more experienced teammates.  The upside of playing defense in this league is that everyone wants to play up front, which usually means I get plenty of playing time.

Sunday’s game saw our team shorthanded.  The other 3 teams playing at this time were also various degrees of shorthanded, so we ended up with one 8v8 game instead of two 7v7 matches.  I took up my usual position in the back, but on one of my subsequent substitutions in I ended up as a Midfielder.

I like playing Mid – I know I don’t fully understand all aspects of the position yet, but it’s physically intense since you play most of the field.

So on one our team’s corner kicks – I was in the box for the ball, and scored on a volley! It’s a big thrill, even at 34 in what’s essentially a meaningless game, to score in that fashion.  I’ve scored a few times over my career, but as a defender – my job has been shutting down the other team’s scorers and distributing the ball forward.

I hope this is a sign of more to come, as well as a show of my skills improving as I head toward hopefully a tryout for our company team next year.


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