Why Am I Paleo?

28 Oct

Blogger Richard Nikoley asked yesterday, “And Why are You Paleo?

For me, it’s a simple answer: it makes logical sense on many levels.

I’m not necessarily sure I completely buy into the evolutionary argument against grains and legumes.  But for me, the biggest difference is looking at the nutritional density of what I’m eating in the Paleo/Primal lifestyle versus what I ate before it.

I’m now getting a large serving of vegetables at every meal of the day.

My food largely comes from the fresh sections of the grocery store – fresh produce, fresh eggs, fresh meat with some use of frozen vegetables when it make sense and helps keeps the costs down.

My energy has gone up since engaging in the diet, and I’ve largely rid myself of the mid-afternoon sleepiness that I had in the past.

Above all, I feel good.  Isn’t that what food is supposed to do for you?


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