1 Nov

We had our first practice rained out Friday night.   This was surprising – usually Fall can be rainy in Atlanta, but this year has been an exception and we’ve had an extremely dry Fall.  While this has been good for our team, the fields are showing the signs of dry weather.

With the rainout, it left a block of open time for my older son, Aidan and I.  We are fortunate to have a two car garage at home – roughly 20 feet by 20 feet of open, dry, and enclosed space that we can use in bad weather.  With some time on our hands, we cleared it out and went to work on skills work.

Aidan was quick to notice, and adjust to the speed the ball moves across the floor when passed.  He also improved his touch on receiving the ball a lot!  The concrete allows the ball to roll back if you have a hard touch on the ball and he learned quickly to deaden the ball on receipt.

We did about 30 minutes of short ground passing and individual on-ball activities.  Again, the concrete was less forgiving in individual moves than grass and foot speed had to be faster, and touch more accurate.

Sometimes, even in a rainout, there’s something to be gained.


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