Getting Rewired: New Found Cravings and Meeting Survival

4 Nov

One of my findings since going Paleo has been a new set of food cravings.

Over the past several years, I’ve had a pretty controlled set of eating habits.  I’ve largely avoided sweets and what I had considered the “Bad” food choices and snack food.  I occasionally indulged a bag of pretzels, or something else that I thought was safe – but with going paleo, I’ve taken a lot of those choices out of the diet.

Last night as I was pre-cooking and packing my meals for work today – I had the urge for a serving of my sweet potato rounds that I often eat with breakfast!  That was easily satisfied with a small serving.  In many ways, Paleo allows for satisfaction of many food cravings because the food on the diet is filling.  It just takes some creativity sometimes.

This week also had a couple days of long meetings – basically my full office day was consumed with meetings and then following with evening events.  It was a little more challenging to stay on track – I still packed my food but there were more opportunities to eat things off the plan.  I also missed my lunchtime workout on both days, although I filled in one day with a 9 PM Squat and Deadlift session after the close of events.

My one downfall was an additional need for caffeine throughout the day.

Next week will see a similar situation for two and a half days, as I’ll be on the road and listening to presentations.  I’m hoping our group has solid breakfasts scheduled – otherwise I’ll be seeking out a quick bacon and eggs fix nearby our hotel.

The upside I’m hoping for next week will be an opportunity to run and get some miles in before the Half Marathon in a few weeks.


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