The Long Run

16 Nov

I’ve struggled with Half Marathon training this fall.

Last year I set out after the Peachtree Road Race and did a lot of mileage.  I did ran pretty regularly, peaking at 70 miles in November of last year including the race.

I started with the same intentions this year – and hit 70 miles in August.  I had already run several runs longer than 10 miles by the time September 15th rolled around – well ahead of where I was last year.  But then I stopped for a while, because it wasn’t fun at the time.  I was enjoying playing soccer and weight lifting more than running and was seeing results in those areas more.

I also wasn’t finding new routes and places to run – so the scenery was becoming tired and boring.

Last Wednesday I finally got out and ran, with a full race distance practice in mind.  The weather was fantastic – partly sunny and in the high 50’s so there was no excuse I could make there.  I set out on a route to the Forsyth County Greenway and ran a significant part of the Greenway.  Just less than two hours later I returned home after plowing through 14.3 miles with an average pace of 8:02 per mile.

I’m still well behind my race pace last year – about 7:45 – but hoping I can pick up a little race day speed and run a more efficient race than last year (which my GPS recorded as 1/2 mile longer than the official 13.1 mile distance.)

But either way, I’ve decided not to get stressed out and crazy about running and the race, because it is supposed to be fun and not another source of stress in my life.


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