Countdown to the Atlanta Half Marathon

23 Nov

In less than 24 hours – my race will be all done.  I’ve done almost everything I can do to be ready at this point – tomorrow it’s just a matter of going out, running well and enjoying the city and the crowd.  I don’t run many races that actually attract people on the side of the road, but this is one of them!

Usually before the race I go through some planning to make sure I have everything needed and I have my best performance possible.

Race Weather

The weather is expected to be around 40 degrees at Race start, rising to almost 50 degrees by the time I hit the finish line with little or no wind.  Last year, I think it was above 50 at the race start and very humid.

We are fortunate to avoid rain again this year.

Choices, Choices

Leading up to a race, there’s always a choice of what to wear and shoe choices.

My last 34 miles, including my long run two weeks ago have been in the Pure Connects, but I’ve done more than 140 miles (including multiple runs over 10 miles)  in the Green Silence.  I’m leaning towards the Pure Connects for the race, but I’ll probably take the Green Silence with me in case I have a last minute change of heart.

Brooks Pure Connect

Brooks Pure Connect

Clothing wise, I’m split between a long sleeve and a short sleeve moisture management shirt.  One of my Twitter friends has recommended using “Throw-away” clothing at the start to start a little warmer and then discard once you warm up – and that’s probably a route I will take.

I always run in shorts (I use Nike Rio Soccer Shorts) and Nike Pro Combat compression shorts.

Pre-Race Meals

I’ll still eat a normal (although very early) breakfast so I’m not hungry during the race.  I don’t often run on a totally empty stomach – but eating two hours before running seems to be a happy medium for me of not getting hungry while running and not cramping from food.


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