My Favorite Paleo and Primal Resources

28 Nov

A Twitter friend asked,

“I’m interested in trying out Paleo/Primal eating.  What are some books or websites for information?”

One of the great things about the Paleo and Primal communities is there is a huge cache of information on line for free.  It’s very much like open source software effort – everything you need to know can be accessed on line or there are people willing to help!

There’s some minor distinctions between Paleo and Primal – reading some of the websites you will see those lines.  Overall, they are all coming from the same place of high quality food with meats, vegetables and fruits as the center piece of a grain-free diet.

Start Here – with the Nerd Fitness introduction to the Paleo Diet.  This was my first introduction to the Paleo diet and it while I didn’t immediately start following it after reading it, I came back to it as starting point.

After that, Robb Wolf’s FAQ and the rest of his website is a great source for information on Paleo.  He also has a Q&A format Paleo Podcast that can be downloaded.  It’s published once a week.

Mark’s Daily Apple is the hotbed for the Primal community.  There’s also a free Primal Blueprint E-Book available for download.

Many people start with a “30 Day” Challenge – along the lines of what’s suggested by Whole9.

Finally, on Twitter the #Paleo hashtag is a great way to link up with others at all spectrums of living Paleo – from their first day to highly experienced.

It’s a great community – lots of people who have found success with Paleo, and now want to spread that success to others!


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