Fitness Metrics as of December 1, 2011

1 Dec

Diet: Paleo Plus Dairy

It’s been about 3 months since I’ve started eating Paleo.  This month, I had only a small amount of wheat on a couple of occasions (between my son’s birthday party and Thanksgiving.)
This month had several challenges.  Each of the first three weeks of the month had a two to three day trip and without normal access to food.  I was able during these times to maintain Paleo eating with careful selection of food.
The biggest thing is that I’ve maintained keeping cereal out of my breakfast.  Even while on the road, I’ve managed to eat eggs or meats for breakfast without failure.
Food variety continues to expand.  I’ve been eating the homegrown Bok Choy from my garden, as well as roasting Brussel Sprouts.

Weight Lifting

I lifted weights 9 days during November, down from 10 in October.  Between travel, meetings and holidays my workout days available were significantly reduced.

My maximum squat was steady at 215 pounds (1.5 times body weight).  Deadlift increased ten pounds to 195 pounds (1.35 times body weight).  Bench press was steady at 150 lbs (1 times body weight).

I’m planning to add some sprinting sessions to my workouts in December to help my explosive movements on the field.


Race day came and went for the Atlanta Half Marathon, and I managed to improve my time versus last year.  In total, I ran 42 miles this month – a reduction of 28 miles versus last year.
I’ll run a 5k or 10k race during December, and probably get some training miles in before then.


We had two matches this month, and I added a pick-up day (the day after Thanksgiving).  Our season only has one week remaining for the Fall.
I’m hoping in December to average about 1.5 days of play per week – there’s usually a Friday pick-up game and the Sunday afternoon game as well.  Playing in both would really help my play when I return to league play next year.
The company soccer team is currently in its application phase – and I’m hoping to get a chance to tryout in January.


No change versus last month in sleep.  With the kids’ soccer season over, I expect my weekend sleep to be improved.

Weight: 144 Pounds

While I was down on weight most of the month, in the last several days I added about 3 pounds – for a December 1 weigh-in of 144 pounds (+2 versus November 1).


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