Pick Up Soccer for Kids

4 Dec

Today I was able to do something I’ve been trying to do for almost a year – gather a group of elementary school aged kids for a pick up soccer game.

Pulling from my roster of kids from my U6, U8 and other parents I know through Twitter – I was able to find five kids from the U6, U8 and U10 age groups to gather for about an hour of pick up soccer.

Before we started, we established the rules.

  • Out of bounds: kick-in to restart
  • After goal: goal kick to restart
  • Ball bounces over the cones marking each goal: does not count as a goal

The lone U10 player – and the lone female of the group – did a great job with a couple of the younger players on her team, and overall in the game.  She was able to help give some direction to the game with the “flow” of the game and helping with restarts.

Overall, the kids needed little intervention from the parents to officiate and run the game.  Over the course of play, the kids did well to adapt to each other and make connections on the field.

We are fortunate in Atlanta that December doesn’t mean snow, ice, and freezing rain – at least not very often.  Today was outstanding, with full sun and warm temperatures.

Next Chance for Play

We are trying to gather once a week for pick-up soccer, with the next opportunity on December 10, 2011 at 11 AM.

Location: Vickery Creek Elementary School, on the fields at the top of the steps on the southeastern side of the school (near the bus loading area).

Bring: White and Dark (Black/Blue) colored shirts to divide teams.  If you have pinnies, pop-up goals or anything else that can help us run the games – please bring it!


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