The Insight of a Five Year Old

12 Dec

Sometimes, five year olds can be surprisingly insightful about sports (and life)!

Saturday during our pick up game, while I was tying Evan’s shoe he observed, “I need a more focused team.”  At the time, we were playing 3v2, with 3 U6 players playing a pair of U8 players.  The U8 players were handling the game quite easily at the time – in part because Evan’s team mates weren’t retreating to play defense.

At one point during the season, he told me he was trying to get to “open space” – a term he had heard many times in the course of the weekly training session.

For a coach (and a parent) it shows that the message does get through to the kids.

Evan is also becoming an experienced player for U6 – that he has played two Fall seasons and a Spring season in organized 3v3 soccer and put in a lot of time outside of matches playing at home, Fast Track, and now pick up games.  I’m curious to see next fall how he can translate it onto the bigger field and more rigid rules of the U7 game at our club.


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