Thoughts on Corporate Wellness Programs

16 Dec

I work for what I consider to be the best company to work for.  I’m sure there are other people who feel that way about their workplace.

A little more than a year ago, we were introduced to our Corporate Wellness Program.  It’s been fairly successful I think in educating people about how to live healthier and getting people to be more active.  I’m sure a lot of companies have started this type of program in hopes of reducing spending on health insurance.

I’m not sure how well they work elsewhere – but at our company, the program seems to be run from within the company (with help from vendors on specific topics) and speaks in the same voice as everything else from the company.  That is, the program is authentic and has the same DNA as everything else in our office.  The programs are creative and conducted in a fun, competitive ways which speaks well to me and our colleagues.

Would the program work as well if it is was imposed from a third-party?  Probably not at our company.  I’m also guessing this is why in some cases people feel like these programs are imposed from outside and feel invasive.



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