That Blood Sugar Drop

17 Dec

You know when you are running (or other exercise, or just sitting at your desk) and you hit that empty stomach, almost nauseous feeling?  That’s might be your blood sugar dropping.

To some degree today, I went out with the intent to go through that and come out the other side.  It’s part of how I’m mentally, and physically preparing for my next races – asking my body to reach the same speed in training I have in races, without being fully fueled.

In the past, I’ve used Sport Beans to help to stay level through longer runs.  It’s usually been for runs over 10 miles, but occasionally needed in the 8-10 range when I’m getting a little farther away from my last meal than I like.  (I’ve found starting a run at 90 minutes to two hours after a meal is usually a good place for me.  Today, I left them at home with the intent to blast through.

Overall, my run ended up as a 7.71 mile, 1:00:57 run (average pace 7:55).  My best mile was mile 1, run in 6:59.

I hit the blood sugar drop somewhere in the 5th or 6th mile today.  It took some concentration to keep going strong through it, but I found my place and kept at it.  When I got home, I had a little refuel meal of 1/4 of a sweet potato and a little turkey to recover.

Overall, this type of drop is less of a problem now than it was a year ago (pre-Paleo).  I’m hoping to make it even less going forward.


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