A Countdown

21 Dec

I realized last night that I’m less than 90 days away from turning 35.  To be exact, I’m 82 days away from turning 35.

I really haven’t attached too much significance in the past to my age, once I passed 18 and 21.  But now I’m coming to the ages that I remember my parents being when I was a kid.  (I was under 10 when both of my parents passed 35.)  I’d really like to pass 35 being in the best shape of my life, and try and do it in quantitative terms that I can measure.

Performance wise, the easiest measures I have are what I do in the gym (weights and repetitions) and what I do in races (distances and times).  I could also add in some body measurement images to that to work on some areas of stubborn fat that I’ve had going back to my teen years.

But I’m not sure what I should be shooting for.

What would you measure?


One Response to “A Countdown”

  1. Rancid Goat December 22, 2011 at 2:41 am #

    Time and distance are my key measures. Over time I’ve had goals of certain distances, better times in distances already run, races in X number of distances, total miles in a year, avg. miles a week and even multi sport events (haven’t tried a tri yet).
    Back when I was hitting the gym, as you mentioned, max weights or reps were a good target but the gym didn’t stick much with me.
    Of course you could get more esoteric and have as a goal encouraging someone else to running/lifting/living a little.

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