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Back at It

30 Jan

After the last few weeks – the last four days have been a welcome return to my previous life.

Friday morning was a decent weight lifting session.  I had mentioned on Twitter Friday I was contemplating a programming change in terms of how I lift weights.  In a lot of ways, I feel like I plateaued with the manner in which I’m lifting.   I am getting a little bit stronger each month, but not really seeing any visual changes.

I was plenty sore enough when I woke Saturday morning and Sunday morning though.

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A Week Defined By What I Haven’t Done

27 Jan

In a lot of ways, this has been a week defined by what hasn’t been done.

It’s been very busy at work.  I attended a trade show in Orlando Sunday through Tuesday and failed to get out to run while I was there.  It was about eighty degrees and sunny, but the schedule was tight and I had other work demands to try to satisfy.

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FOX Network Takes a Big Swing on Premier League…

22 Jan

…and was foiled by their affiliates in at least a few big cities.

Soccer fans and random viewers in Atlanta missed watching the first Live broadcast of an English Premier League match on US network television and were instead treated to 90 minutes of infomercials.

Apparently the Atlanta affiliate, Fox 5 Atlanta had “contractual obligations” to show the programs at the time.

I’m not sure if the problem was the local affiliate or Fox Networks failing to give affiliates enough notice. But either way, an attempt by the network to extend their reach to a new audience at a new time slot was foiled by commercials.

Fans were left even without Fox Soccer to turn to.

Good work Fox networks and Fox 5 Atlanta.

Things I Think Are Cool – January 22, 2012

22 Jan

I’ve pulled out a few recipes and other articles from around the web that I intend to try (or recently have), as well as other topics of interest.


Primal Scotch Eggs from Mark’s Daily Apple.  Sausage and eggs all in one convenient chunk?  Sounds like a winning breakfast to go.

Primal Moussaka from Mark’s Daily Apple.  I actually made this one last weekend.  We used ground turkey (both breast and dark meat) for the meat.  I mixed the kale (probably about two cups before finely chopping it in when the meat was cooking.  It has a great mix of seasoning in it.  Well worth trying!

Cara Cara Orange, Beet and Goat Cheese Salad from Healthy Green Kitchen.  I haven’t tried this one yet, but citrus and goat cheese is always a winning combination for a salad.  Makes me think grapefruit might work here, too.

Other Articles

A new take on what a “Healthy Fat” is.  I had long been a believer that animal fats were terrible for you and margarine made from processed oils were a superior choice to butter.  In the last six months I’ve changed that opinion, but this article was a good reset of why.

Win a pair of custom Adidas F50 boots from The Original Winger.  Design, upload to their Facebook page, and gather your voters.

The Relationship between Inflammation and Exercise.  Is all exercise beneficial, or does some of it create more stress than good on your body?  I’ve changed my mode of exercise and taken up more temporarily intensive exercise versus longer duration exercise.  I’m hoping to start sprint training soon.

That’s All – what have you seen that interests you lately?

Completely Paleo, Home Made Caesar Salad Dressing

20 Jan

Caesar salad is great.  It’s a mix of flavors – but most prominently, garlic!

However, most people are accustomed to creamy Caesar Salad dressings that come from a bottle!  The ingredients list, even for a company like Newman’s Own, is full of non-Paleo compliant ingredients:

All Natural Ingredients:
Ingredients: Vegetable Oil (Soybean Oil and/or Canola Oil), Water, Egg Yolks, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Worcestershire Sauce (Distilled Vinegar, Molasses, Corn Syrup, Water, Salt, Caramel Color, Garlic*, Sugar, Spices, Anchovies, Tamarind, Natural Flavor), Salt, Contains 2% Or Less Of: Distilled Vinegar, Parmesan Cheese (Pasteurized Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes), Lemon Juice Concentrate, Spices, Garlic*, Onion*, Xanthan Gum
Contains: Egg, Milk, Anchovy

Others are turned off by fresh creamy Caesar dressings having raw eggs.

Here’s a way to get your Caesar fix, and even get some Fish Oil from a food source in the process.

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Thinking About Curriculum

20 Jan

Spring Soccer is now just short of six weeks from the opening week of the season for our U6 and U8 teams and four weeks from the start of practices.  The proximity of these days (and nights) on the calendar has me thinking about how to get the team (the returning part) acclimated to playing again and introducing any new players to the team as well.

I’m expecting to return five of six players to my U6 team.  My U8 team?  I’m uncertain of right now.  I know one player is playing Baseball this spring, which would leave us six players from the Fall squad returning if everyone else comes back.  More realistically, I’m counting on five players.

I’m working from the assumption that any new players will be fairly inexperienced in the sport (except any potential relocated family) so I’ll need to work from scratch with them individually on skills.  I really feel like the U8 team needs to get more time starting to come into a structure and system of play.

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Harder Weeks

19 Jan

I got back in the gym this morning to lift weights.

The last time I had visited?  Six days ago.  While it might seem like a normal interval, I’ve worked a pretty good three-day-a-week habit since the first of the year.  We all have them some times when it comes to finding time to exercise or just to feel normal.  This one is shaping up to be one and next week might be the same.

The weekend shaped up to be a busy one.  While my kids got to play pick up soccer on Saturday and again on Monday, I missed out on my Sunday afternoon game because of a home improvement project that I was finishing up followed by dinner plans with friends.  Monday afternoon I was on a plane out of town for a 24 hour business trip and all of the pitfalls that can occur there.

I did get a few minutes to start researching a training plan for (what I consider) sprint races – I’ve found some good resources like Speed Endurance that I’ll be checking out when I get some more time.  There’s a lot of videos that detail training development for different distances for me to watch and learn from.

How do I try to moderate the effects of weeks like this one?

Food on the Road

It’s easy to get off plan when you are on the road from a dietary perspective.  It’s especially easy when it comes to a lifestyle like Paleo – because when you look at the quick serve and fast food restaurant industries, it’s a white and starchy world out there.

I try and stay out of the fast food channel entirely.  Quick serve restaurants like Chipotle are a little better from the standpoint that the food can be customized and you can usually find a menu item that contains some leafy greens that you can add other vegetables too and a fairly clean protein.

I was fortunate to stay clean this trip – we ate lunch and dinner at full service (although chain) restaurants that I could order salads and vegetables with my meals.

Breakfast was also easy this trip – our hotel had counter service for breakfast and offered bacon and eggs.  I’ve also used Cracker Barrel (of all places!) on previous trips – they have a low-carb friendly menu that features bacon and eggs.  You could probably find a side of vegetables there as well if you wanted it.

Next week’s challenge involves staying on property at Disney, so we’ll see how I can fair in a closed environment.

Daylight and Air

One of my substitutes for getting to the gym is at least getting outdoors in the sun for a few minutes, and preferably to do something active.  After getting my home improvement project done on Sunday, I went out in what was left of the sunshine – the beautiful “Golden Hour” sun before sunset to do some light yard work (I pruned two small trees in my yard).  While I used to find activity like this tedious – I’ve come to recognize that the time outside helps improve my mood and attitude.

I got my dose on Monday morning with my kids pick up game – but Tuesday proved to be a day in the car and in meetings combined with cold and rainy weather.


Sleep is important in weeks like this one.  Even when there’s work pressing – you need to disconnect and shut down in the evening and let your body rest.

For me, that includes at least thirty minutes before bedtime without the laptop on – allowing my mind to slow down and shut down before I go to sleep.  In a hotel, I also use the White Noise Ambience app on my iPhone to help cover up the unfamiliar hotel background noise when I sleep.