Fitness Metrics as of January 1, 2012

1 Jan

Diet: Paleo Plus Dairy

I’ve been Paleo for four months now, and not really showing any signs of going back!  It weas fairly easy to maintain Paleo through December, although I had a week of meetings and the holidays.  I’ve been able to find ways to eat well despite both.
I’ve been finding new vegetables this month as well – eating more greens (Collard Greens were on sale at Publix last week and thus were my breakfast green for several days.)
Weight Lifting

I lifted weights 9 days during December, steady with November.  Being on vacation the last eight days of the month meant I didn’t get near the gym for this part of the month.

My maximum squat increased 10 pounds to 225 pounds (1.6 times body weight).  Deadlift was steady at 195 pounds (1.35 times body weight).  Bench press increased 5 pounds to 155 pounds (1.08 times body weight).

I didn’t follow through with my plans from early December to begin adding sprint sessions.


I ran 16 miles during December – down from 42 in November.  Again, with being on vacation and meeting bound for part of the month, my available training time was cut.
I did start doing interval training as part of my running training – completing two sessions of interval training (once at 1/4 mile and once at 1/2 mile).


Our league play ended the first weekend of December and our team was League Champions for the first time.
Following the end of the League play, I was able to find one day of pickup the weekend before Christmas.


Sleep was excellent this month, especially at the end of the month on vacation.  I really felt like on vacation sleep was a great antidote to appetite – and I stretched fasting over 12 hours several times during the latter half of the month.

Weight: 144 Pounds

I maintained weight at 144 pounds, steady with December.


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