When Was the Last Time You Saw an Athlete Smoke?

2 Jan

When was the last time you saw an athlete photographed with a cigarette in his or her hand?  Or heard it discussed in the media?

It seems more common in the United States that you either hear of an athlete’s resistance to a poor diet, Baseball players and smokeless Tobacco, or an athlete’s favorite candy or the multitude of athletes with recreational drug and alcohol habits – but I can’t remember the last time that an athlete in one of the major sports was discussed as a smoker.

Recently I saw a piece that mentioned Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli was a a two-pack-a-week smoker, and Manchester United/England striker Wayne Rooney has been seen lighting up.  Both of these players play a sport known for the high need for athleticism.

So is there a tobacco-use level in professional sports that approaches the level of general society, and it’s just well-concealed?  Or are these two just outliers?


2 Responses to “When Was the Last Time You Saw an Athlete Smoke?”

  1. Stats Dad January 3, 2012 at 7:07 pm #

    This ESPN post talks about smoking in professional sports – it was very prevalent in baseball throughout history. I have to think that some of today’s athletes are just as prone to stupidity and nicotine addiction as any other era – they just hide it better to protect their multimillion dollar images.


    • Dennis Murray January 4, 2012 at 3:41 am #

      Good article from ESPN.

      As a child, I grew up watching the Baltimore Orioles from the mid-80’s on. Earl Weaver and his cigarettes were a fixture in the dugout, so that there were players in that era (Hernandez and Parker) who smoked isn’t surprising. There’s plenty of unhealthy looking baseball players now!

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