Adidas Formotion Elite Socks Review

3 Jan

Among the gifts from my kids this year was a new pair of Adidas Formotion Elite Socks in Royal Blue.


I’ve been wearing the same pair of Nike Dri-fit socks for two years now, and they have been thinning in some areas of my feet. I had been looking for a while for socks but hadn’t found anything at the big box stores that fit my requirements of thin, moisture wicking and tight.

I like thin socks – both for running and soccer. I’ve found thinner normally means that they are less likely to rub and blister inside the shoe. With soccer socks, thin also helps with temperature control – as spring and summer matches in Georgia see temperatures above ninety degrees.

The Formotion socks have a thin upper but a cushioned footbed. During pick up today, I didn’t experience any rubbing. The cushioning on the footbed seemed to help with some hot spots I’ve hard on the balls of my feet for a while.

I did notice the tops of the socks didn’t stay up as well as my Nike socks did. I pulled them up a couple of times in the course of the match.

The leg part of the sock breathed reasonably well, but I might look for something lighter for the late spring.  Sizing ran true to size for my size 11 feet.


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