Adidas Predator Youth Soccer Cleats 12 Month Review

5 Jan

Twelve months ago Aidan and I went shopping for new soccer cleats to mark his restart into the game. We’re now ready to retire them as we head towards Spring.

His selection was the Adidas Predator Firm Ground Cleat in the Electricity colorway. The shoes had been on my radar already. They were one of several shoes that had at least some natural leather on the upper (along with Nike’s new-not-yet-in-stock CTR360 II) in his size range. They were also in the magic $40 range that seemed reasonable to spend.


After buying the shoe, we discovered that Arsenal striker Robin van Persie wore the same color and model of shoe! It helped inspire Aidan more.

Since walking out of the store. The shoes saw a Spring and Fall season of action (about 18 weeks of matches and 22 weeks of practice) with a lot of practice time in the front yard and pickup games added in.

How have the shoes held up?

Wear Areas
Most of the upper is synthetic leather and has worn minimally. Stress areas like the bend in the forefoot have maintained their color and shape.

The toe (the real leather part) has shown the most wear. It started to lose its coloring back in the spring.

The cleats still show lots of life since Aidan has not worn the shoes much on paved surfaces and has maintained them well.

The interior of the shoe still looks in good condition. The footbed still has good padding.

I think Aidan wore these cleats far more than most 7 year olds wear their cleats! He was disappointed with some of the color loss but I think he also sees the wear as battle scars.

Overall, the Predator is a good value. The updated version is among our shoes considered to replace this pair.

What’s Next?
Aidan has picked several shoes he likes and is considering for his next pair. I’ll research them and post the winning pair soon!


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