Pick Up Soccer is Growing!

8 Jan

Today we had another morning of pick-up soccer.  We moved sites last week to Midway Park, and in the process our group has grown!  Today we had 14 players from age 5 to about 10 playing.  We started with four teams of three players, playing 3v3 for 15 minute games.  At noon, we lost five players and played one more 15 minute game of 5v5.

The older players have done a good job of adapting to play alongside players of all ages.  Everyone has done well in adapting to playing with different teammates each week as well as running self-officiated games.

Today I didn’t see any disagreements about last touch on out-of-bounds – or at least nothing promoted as far as the parents.  It’s a good step when they work out the problems themselves and don’t need to pull in Mom and Dad to solve the problem for them.

Our next play date is January 14, 2012 at 11 AM at Midway Park on the Turf Field.  All Elementary School age players, regardless of age or skill are welcome to play.


2 Responses to “Pick Up Soccer is Growing!”


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