What Does Pick Up Soccer Do For Kids?

9 Jan

What does pick up soccer do for kids?  Less “I can’t”, “They aren’t,” and “not fair.”

I’m not sure where kids learn the phrase “It’s not fair.”  It starts early though – and they apply it to everything from gifts to meals to bedtimes to schoolwork.  Anywhere they perceive an inequity between what they receive and what their friends or siblings receive – a “Not fair” is interjected.

But surprisingly, I haven’t heard that from Aidan or Evan following pick up soccer the last several weeks.  Despite being, at times, at the younger end of players on the field, and being not at the highest skills level on the field – neither has complained about the level of play and what they can’t do.

Instead, the ride home has been filled with sentences that start, “Did you see when…” and finishing with their own highlight reels from the hour of play.  Both have already learned the big lesson in sports – that you need to make your own opportunity.  If you fail to attack the ball, you will never be in a position to take the ball.  If you don’t put yourself in an open position, no one will pass you the ball.

Now, if I could only remove, “Awww!!” from their vocabularies.


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