Easy Adjustments

10 Jan

Back when I started Paleo (it might have even been before I “started”) one of the first foods I dumped was pasta.

Don’t get me wrong – I ate pasta for the first 34 years of my life. I ate a lot of it, in fact – regular, whole wheat – all varieties. I probably ate more than a serving every time it was served.

In the course of gardening, I discovered a great combination of food – sautéed summer squash and zucchini with tomato sauce. And that was the end of pasta in our house (at least for the grown-ups).

No more over eating on another grain, and a replacement with a food that’s a good source of Fiber, Vitamin C, Folate and Potassium and a fraction of the glycemic load of pasta.

Try it – it might be an easy first step towards going Paleo!


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