Food is Fuel

10 Jan

Even before starting Paleo, I had come to see my meals as fuel for my weightlifting, soccer and running. Failing to eat, eat right, or hydrate could decrease my performance.

I always made it a point to eat well the day before a game or event. Sometimes I wouldn’t for a weightlifting session or a run, and I would notice a difference.

I’ve come now to further believe in the power of food in restoring the body after exercise and exertion, and can make direct links with performance.  No doubt, some of these are in large part mental, but the mental game is always part of physical performance.

Building the Base

Green vegetables, several times a day are needed.  Without greens, I start to feel sluggish and slow.  In many ways, various greens – Kale, Spinach, Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli have replaced multivitamins as my source of vitamins and minerals.


After longer or faster runs, I’m always looking to replenish my glucose stores.  My favorite – sweet potatoes baked in the oven long enough to get some caramelization in the skins and a nice soft inside, served with a little butter and salt.

After weightlifting workouts, I’m looking for a meal with protein to help build muscle.  In the morning, it’s usually eggs and bacon (in some form) and later workouts usually find a salad with meat afterwards.


A constant supply of cold water and an occasional hot tea in the morning for the antioxidant qualities.


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