Product Review: PUGG 6 Foot Portable Training Goals

11 Jan

One of the realities of coaching recreation soccer at our club is that you will never get equipment.  No cones, no pinnies, no balls, and no goals.  The goals used for matches are at a different field than where practice is, and beyond that – there’s about 1/4 the number of goals as would be needed for each team to have a pair to use at practice.

In practicality, having full size “game goals” wouldn’t benefit the type of practice I want to have anyway – since it would turn into kids wanting to be goalkeeper and at this point I consider goalkeeping to be among the lesser needed set of skills I could develop in the players.

Last Christmas, Evan received one pop up goal that was similar to the PUGG – but it offered limited folding ability and eventually the joint between the two hoops broke and could not be replaced.  So when this Christmas came around, the top of my list was a set of PUGG 6 Foot Portable goals.  They had become even more needed in the month before Christmas as I started the pick-up soccer program and wanted to move beyond the arguments when the ball skipped over a cone or an airborne shot may or may not have been between the cones.

The PUGG goals are well constructed.  Each goal is comprised of a tent-pole like fiberglass rod with a high-quality net attached.  The goals are designed to fold-down flat to a size that can be easily slid into the trunk of my Honda Accord.  The folding process is straightforward (with instructions printed on each goal) and requires two hands and is usually accomplished on the first try.

Each goal has three anchors – one on each post and a third at the rear of the goal.  Unfortunately, when the ground is either rock hard or an artificial turf surface the goal can’t be anchored using these and must be weighed down.  A hard shot is enough to send the goal flying off base.

The kids though have loved getting to play with these instead of cones for goals.

But – I don’t think there’s a superior product on the market for the nomadic youth soccer coach.  As an aside – I’ve also brought these to my adult pick up games and found them equally useful.


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