Real Food Doesn’t Have Boxes or Labels

12 Jan

I shop our local supermarket’s sale circular regularly.  I’m looking for some of my staple foods that I eat every week – spinach, raw meats to cook, fresh fruit, sweet potatoes, and any seasonal items that are available.

This time of year – there’s a heavy emphasis on items that have a “Diet” focus to them – Lean Cuisine and many boxed food solutions to your health problems, whether it’s weight loss, high blood pressure or any other woes.

Just remember, every time that a food manufacturer takes something out of a food – they usually put something else into to fill its place.  Reduce the fat in yogurt and sugar will probably be added to help the flavors.  Reduce the fat in a frozen food and they may need to add stabilizers like corn starch to help improve the texture.

These items aren’t free when it comes to your digestion and health.

I’m committing to myself in 2012 to buy less food with many ingredients and more food with a single ingredient.



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