I Get it.

13 Jan

This is the first non-summer season since Winter 2008-2009 that we haven’t had at least one child enrolled in a team sport. During that time frame, we have had Aidan and Evan in Baseball, Soccer, and Basketball.

Sports have meant a lot of rescheduled meals, rushing to get home from my office, giving up Saturday mornings, getting up early Saturdays, coaching other people’s kids, being outdoors in hot, cold, rain and everything in between.  We’ve been fortunate that most of the sports have been ultra-local so there hasn’t been a lot of driving time built in.

But this winter – they’ve both only been enrolled in Tae Kwon Do, which has a flexible range of class times throughout the week.

It’s been a nice break – and I understand the reasons people don’t enroll their kids in sports.

It’s expensive.  Well, Recreation soccer at our club is $120 each for our two sons, but that includes 10-12 weeks covering at least two hours a week – thus it’s about $5 an hour.

It’s a time commitment.  Yes, it is – but it gives you chance to see your child perform.

Kids need free time to play.  And our kids still have a wealth of it – and at times with two boys less than three years apart, too much.

I’m ready for the next season to start.



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