No Sweets Week Ends

13 Jan

As I mentioned last week, our Elementary School was promoting a “No Sweets Week” last week.  Both of our sons were participating.

Both successfully completed the week, and fairly easily without sweets as they were defined in the contest and now have a chance at the prizes.

Beyond that, it encouraged some good conversations with Aidan about food contents and healthy lifestyles.  He had a lot of questions about what the foods he eats were made of, and what comprised “Good” or “Bad” fats, or “Good” or “Bad” carbohydrates or “Good” or “Bad” Sugar.  I know I run at the more disciplined (or hard line) side of nutrition, but I’ve tried not to color my kids diet and mindset with my opinions too often.

My main objectives in teaching them about nutrition have been to favor a high intake of natural and home made foods and a regular intake of fruits and vegetables.  It’s important to me to put a meal on the table every night that is both enjoyable by everyone as well as being nutritionally sound.  I try to live by example for them – eating vegetables at every meals, and converting any snacks I have to be real food like fruits, vegetables, meats or nuts.

They’ve both started following in small ways.  Aidan has always exclusively consumed milk and water (no carbonated soft drinks, juice drinks, or sports drinks).  Evan is a pretty adventurous eater for five years old – enjoying things like shrimp, salmon and home made Caesar salad.

Next week is TV Turn Off week at school.  I’m not sure what participation the boys will have on this one – they are so tuned into television.  TV is a constant back drop for them when they are home – the DVR and cable have made television far more available to kids then it was when I was young.  As a child of the 80’s I lived much of my early life pre-cable and had a choice of five Television stations to watch.  There wasn’t programming always available.

We’ll give it an effort at least – if the weather is good then they face a far better chance than if it’s cold or rainy.  Given the option to go play with other kids, they both still take up that option.


One Response to “No Sweets Week Ends”

  1. sheshredss January 13, 2012 at 5:06 pm #

    Amazing! I love this! What a positive message for the kiddos :).

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