Things I Think Are Cool – January 22, 2012

22 Jan

I’ve pulled out a few recipes and other articles from around the web that I intend to try (or recently have), as well as other topics of interest.


Primal Scotch Eggs from Mark’s Daily Apple.  Sausage and eggs all in one convenient chunk?  Sounds like a winning breakfast to go.

Primal Moussaka from Mark’s Daily Apple.  I actually made this one last weekend.  We used ground turkey (both breast and dark meat) for the meat.  I mixed the kale (probably about two cups before finely chopping it in when the meat was cooking.  It has a great mix of seasoning in it.  Well worth trying!

Cara Cara Orange, Beet and Goat Cheese Salad from Healthy Green Kitchen.  I haven’t tried this one yet, but citrus and goat cheese is always a winning combination for a salad.  Makes me think grapefruit might work here, too.

Other Articles

A new take on what a “Healthy Fat” is.  I had long been a believer that animal fats were terrible for you and margarine made from processed oils were a superior choice to butter.  In the last six months I’ve changed that opinion, but this article was a good reset of why.

Win a pair of custom Adidas F50 boots from The Original Winger.  Design, upload to their Facebook page, and gather your voters.

The Relationship between Inflammation and Exercise.  Is all exercise beneficial, or does some of it create more stress than good on your body?  I’ve changed my mode of exercise and taken up more temporarily intensive exercise versus longer duration exercise.  I’m hoping to start sprint training soon.

That’s All – what have you seen that interests you lately?


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