Back at It

30 Jan

After the last few weeks – the last four days have been a welcome return to my previous life.

Friday morning was a decent weight lifting session.  I had mentioned on Twitter Friday I was contemplating a programming change in terms of how I lift weights.  In a lot of ways, I feel like I plateaued with the manner in which I’m lifting.   I am getting a little bit stronger each month, but not really seeing any visual changes.

I was plenty sore enough when I woke Saturday morning and Sunday morning though.

The weekend was back to the great weather we’ve had during the winter in Atlanta – sunny and high 50’s but a little breezy.  We had a light turnout for pick up soccer on Saturday morning, which led me to join the game and play alongside my two sons.  It’s always fun to get out on the field and mix it up with the kids and play alongside of the them.  It’s a pleasure that I’ve really enjoyed as a Dad – being able to experience sports with my kids.

Saturday afternoon saw us at another of our county’s parks, with the kids on their bikes and us walking.

Sunday morning was my pick up game – which was played under the same weather as we played on Saturday morning.  I got a good ninety minutes with lots of touches on the ball.  I feel like, despite not playing in a league this winter, I’ve improved my game a lot.  In league games I’ve stayed in the back and primarily defended, but in the pick up games we play a smaller field game that plays more like basketball with everyone going up and down the field.  Despite a smaller field it can be more physically intensive (playing the full field) and more mentally intensive as the small goals force you to play creatively.

My legs felt great afterwards too – the activity felt like it got all of the soreness out of my legs, at least temporarily.

We took the kids to the park again Sunday afternoon to soak in more sunlight.  It makes a lot of difference in everyone’s mood and the kids’ behaviors when we get more outdoor active time in.

So that brings me to Monday morning – and a restart on my weightlifting program.  I’ve decided to try incorporating Crossfit Football-type workouts into my routines for at least the next four weeks and see where it takes me.  I’ll be working several days behind the website’s routine and modifying the routine based on the equipment and space I have available in my non-Crossfit Corporate gym.

Today I worked the Friday, January 27th Workout of the Day and Strength WOD:

Strength WOD: I’m working at the Amateur level for the program, so I had 5×3 Power Cleans (I worked out at 115 lbs)

Daily WOD:

5 Rounds for Time:

Max Reps of Pullups with 45 lb Weight (modified to 10 lbs between my knees because I don’t have a weight belt or the strength to pull that weight)

Farmer’s Carry 100 yards (I did two laps around all of the weight machines with two 45 lb barbells)

Total time: 16:15, 30 pull ups total

In the end, my grip strength was failing on both parts of the Daily WOD.

I added some warm up and cool down activities, and felt like I got a good workout for it today.

It’s 42 days until I turn 35 – I’m hoping to hit a high level of activity in the next 42 days.


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