Fitness Metrics as of February 1, 2012

1 Feb

Diet: Paleo Plus Dairy

Five months of Paleo done!  It gets easier each month to continue than to return to the standard American diet.
I had several trips during the month, and with a couple of exceptions managed to stay clean.  I commented on Twitter this morning I’m looking forward to the days when it will be easier to find vegetables as part of breakfast in restaurants and hotels, but I’m not expecting it anytime soon.
Sometimes it takes a little creativity to stay with the program on travel – which lead me to Whole Foods last night to build a salad from their salad bar and combine it with some smoked salmon and avocado from the rest of the store.
Weight Lifting

I lifted weights 9 days during January, steady with December.  A busy work schedule and travel schedule precluded more days in the gym.

My maximum squat increased 202 pounds to 245 pounds (1.7 times body weight).  Deadlift increased 10 pounds to 205 pounds (1.4 times body weight).  Bench press was steady at 155 pounds (1.08 times body weight).

I’m switching formats for workouts this month – and adopting a program closer to a Crossfit Football.  Looking at the results this month, it’s as much out of wanting some variety as meeting results.

I ran one session of sprints this month.  Eventually that will happen as part of my training for the Georgia Games.


I ran 6.3 miles during January – down from 16 in December.
Honestly, with short days and less favorable weather – I lose a lot of interest in running.  That’s reality of the season for me.
I hit three days of pick up soccer during January.  Considering there were five Sundays in the month, that’s a fair record.
I’m not sure when my next season will start, so I’m planning to continue as is until then.


Sleep was mixed this month.  Some nights were better than others, but work and the desire to get workouts in has lead to getting up between 4:30 and 4:45 on some weekdays.

Weight: 142 Pounds

I lost two pounds in January against my January 1 beginning weight of 144 pounds.

Everything Else

February will prove to be busy – youth Soccer season opens matches on March 4, so our first practice will be on February 24th.

The blog also had its best (most-read) month by almost 25% over the previous best – no doubt a function of actually writing posts regularly.

2 Responses to “Fitness Metrics as of February 1, 2012”

  1. eatsleepnexercise February 1, 2012 at 6:08 pm #

    have you been doing 5 months of paleo with dairy? how does dairy affect you? I started my latest paleo stint with milk (lactose free whole milk). I would love to do paleo without it, but I need the calories, and I’m trying to add mass. I know after my first stint with paleo, any milk I drank would go right through me, hence the switch to lactose free. I’m drinking a little bit less than 1/2 a gallon a day right now. I am curious to see what my results would be wothout it. I might be missing out on the benefits of the milk not keeping up with strength training in addition to crossfit. just hard to find the time for 2 a days with everything else going on!

    • Dennis Murray February 2, 2012 at 1:28 am #

      I’ve been consistent with including dairy, at least to some degree in my Paleo experience.

      Initially, that included some regular lowfat milk that I used for mixing with protein powder. As I dropped powders a month or two into Paleo, the milk has largely transitioned out of my diet. (When I do drink milk, it’s usually whole.)

      Now nearly all of my dairy intake is cultured (homemade greek yogurt) or fermented (cheese) and is full fat. No digestive ills from either form for me.

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