On Track!

2 Feb

I finally started a track training program for the Georgia Games and any other adult Track and Field events I can find this year.

I’ve decided sprint speed is a priority for me.  It will help in soccer, it will probably help my race distance runs, and it is a good “Power” exercise to accompany my weightlifting program.  My problem has been actually scheduling time to do it.

The weather in metro Atlanta was spectacular this morning – sunny with 57 degree temperatures and a light breeze.  Time to run!

I haven’t been a sprinter before – so I did some research and started with a 6x200m training program today.

After a 4:00 warm up, I ran a 400m to try to establish a baseline speed for the distance. My 400m time came in at 1:17 starting from a trot.

Then I ran 6 200m sprints, with a one minute, thirty second recovery period after each. My 200m times decreased through the session, with the first taking 48 seconds to complete and the last taking 39 seconds to complete.  To some degree, this was a rhythm adaption – I was able to anticipate when I was getting close to the finish and maintain pace.  I think I also saw some improvement in foot speed and being able to make my body travel further with each step and push off.




I finished with a 3:00 cool-down jog.  Total workout time 20:48 to cover 2.38 miles.  I wore my Vibram Five Fingers Bikila LS today.

It was a good intensity workout and actually fairly enjoyable!  I used a new app –iSmoothRun – to track distances and coach my interval timing.  It worked really well!  I think the GPS was pretty accurate as well based on my perception of running halfway around the track at Fowler Park.


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