And the Winner is…

3 Feb

After a lot of window shopping, and time spent checking out selections at our local sporting goods stores and on many on-line sites, Aidan made his choice for cleats for the spring.

The Winner

Aidan selected the Puma King Finale i Jr as his next boot.  This was a dark horse that came from nowhere – today was the first time I saw it offered in our price range.

What’s distinctive about this shoe?  It’s one of two youth soccer shoes that is made from Kangaroo leather.  It’s also half the price of the other shoe!  Kangaroo leather is favored by many players because of it’s touch and flexibility.

The shoe is fairly plain and doesn’t have the flash of many of the other boots we’ve looked at, but has a classy and traditional look.  I’m looking forward to hearing Aidan’s review of these when they arrive next week.

Why it Matters

He’s gotten a lot of excitement about the coming season from looking at shoes in stores and on-line.  He’ll enjoy breaking them in and playing in them all season!


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