Warriors Don’t Drink Coke for Breakfast

3 Feb

There are certain celebrities that have attracted a lot of attention for their athletic look in certain roles.

Ed Norton in Fight Club and American History X.

Gerard Butler and the Spartans in 300.

And Brad Pitt in Troy.

So much in fact, that there are workouts related to several of these films – like this one for Troy, the famous 300 workout and others.

So crossing my news wire this morning (I track beverages for professional purposes) is news that Brad will sometimes use Coca-Cola to get his kids (ages 3-10) up and moving in the morning.

Brad, are you trying to build Greek Warriors and Fight Club members or the people on the sidelines?


2 Responses to “Warriors Don’t Drink Coke for Breakfast”

  1. eatsleepnexercise February 3, 2012 at 6:31 pm #

    that’s insane! I’m so glad soda is still a foreign substance to my children. I always wonder what kind of workout / diet routines are incorporated for actors to get in such good shape for movies. Edward Norton was jacked in American History X!

    • Dennis Murray February 3, 2012 at 6:44 pm #

      For the most part, my sons aren’t drinkers of anything but water and milk. My younger son occasionally gets a little bit of non-caffeinated soft drinks.

      Actors have the time to get built for roles because it’s their job! Look at it this way – just like professional athletes, being in a specific athletic condition (if a role calls for it) is their most important task. Discipline not withstanding, anything is possible.

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