Things I Think Are Cool – February 5, 2012

5 Feb


Speed Endurance covered Strength, Power, Speed and Coordination.   It sounds like Olympic Weightlifting will develop coordination and explosive movement.

Injured?  Try Movement, Elevation, Traction and Heat instead of Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.  Movement the next day is my best cure for muscle soreness.


I saw this recipe for Quick Cooked Greens with Bacon Vinaigrette and cooked it tonight for dinner.  I topped mine with a pan-seared and broiled Salmon filet with a few capers.  It was a fine dinner!

On my plan for the summer – home pickling.

Youth Sports

One of my regular reads is the On the Pitch blog, written by a youth soccer coach.  This week he compared the flight of teachers from the classroom to coaches from the field.  In both professions (or endeavors) sometimes the headaches outweigh the positives.


While my son picked his next pair of cleats this week,  I saw a few pieces of footwear that peaked my interest.

I had noticed the Mizuno Wave Universe 4 before for it’s lightweight and low heel-to-toe drop.  Runblogger had a positive impression of this shoe – so it might show up on my feet later this year.  I’m a fan of bright colored footwear.

Soccer Bible had a rundown of ultralight leather boots (cleats) as well.  The Mizuno Morelia Neo is probably my favorite of the group here – although the Puma King SL has a certain class and simplicity to it.


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