Coaching U6 Soccer Might Be One of the Best Parts of Parenthood

6 Feb

This is a part of the year where a lot of Soccer clubs, and other youth sports organizations, are grappling with more kids and teams than volunteers.  The direction most clubs and organizations have gone in the past few years is sign up as many kids as field space or other limitations permit, and then find coaches to take all of the teams created.

This year can be the year you step up into the role, especially for the youngest age groups.

I volunteered to coach Evan’s U5 soccer team a year and a half ago.  The club was short on coaches and I had thought about volunteering to coach again in the future – but probably more at the U7/U8 level when the kids were more experienced and mature.  At that point, I figured, it would be less about managing the kids and more about teaching soccer.

Going into the season, I wasn’t sure how he would like soccer – if he would enjoy it, of if he would quit easily.  In the past, he hadn’t shown the greatest resolve or attention span to activities.  I figured soccer could go the same way.

After the first match week, he proved to be hooked.  And I was hooked quickly after that.

A lot of the experience was the extra time Evan and I spent together. Every Friday night before practice, we tried to get to the field at least 15 minutes early.  It was time that we spent together (sometimes with a teammate and another Dad) just playing one against one with each other.  After practice, we didn’t hurry home – but spent a few extra minutes on the field working and playing together.

That turned into time in the front yard playing soccer and spending time together, and that turned into watching soccer together on television and playing FIFA ’11 together.  Soccer was probably the one thing that has caused me to understand and connect with Evan than anything before that time.

So…are you ready?


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