Things I Think Are Cool for February 12, 2012

12 Feb


I’ve completed two weeks of Crossfit Football as my new weight training regimen.  I’ve made some adaptations to the program based on what’s available in my gym, as well as my own skill and performance level.  I’ve enjoyed the challenge so far.


I made this Chili with Chocolate and Chipotle peppers for dinner tonight.  I doubled up on the tomatoes.  Leave the beans out for paleo followers.  The combination of unsweetened chocolate and pepper heat was great.

Soccer Coaching

Thinking Outside the Box had a note about coaching a “Six Second” Recovery drill for when your team loses possession of the ball to quickly regain possession and linked to a session plan for teaching.  This is the same way that Barcelona plays.  I think this is something my U8 team could probably do this spring.

Worth Watching

Nike puts out some of the best video content on YouTube on their Nike Football channel.  Here’s a recent example:

Their “Academy” stories follow the youth academy team that Nike runs in England.

An interesting analysis of what Barcelona does well.  In many ways, they play a very simple game of soccer.  Press when they lose the ball, make short passes and get open.

Cool Stuff

Can a man free-fall from 120,000 feet above the Earth and parachute successfully?  Felix Baumgartner is working on making it reality.  It’s an amazing feat of stretching the capability of man and science to make it happen.



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