First Impressions: Adidas adiPure 11Pro

19 Mar

My first pair of new boots in fifteen months is the Adidas adiPure 11Pro (firm ground).

While the adiPure line is a veteran line up for Adias, the 11Pro is the newest update to the line and is a transition as far as the visual of the boot. While it maintains a “Traditional” or “Heritage” look like Nike’s Tiempo and past offerings in the adiPure line, it also takes on some of the technology of other recent releases.

Most notably to many boot-freaks and runners – an improvement in weight of the shoe by 1.6 ounces versus prior releases. The adiPure 11Pro weighs in at 8.2 ounces. My last pair of shoes, Nike’s Total 90 III (Leather) weighed in at 10.2 ounces. This is starting to approach the weight of my running shoes like the Brooks Pure Connect and the Brooks Green Silence (7.2 ounces for both shoes). Considering I found the transition to an 8 ounce running shoe (Nike’s Free Run+) to be revolutionary for me (in part due to weight) this shoe should be a big difference on the pitch.

The upper is still a full grain leather – in this case, Adidas has selected Taurus leather instead of the adiPure’s traditional Kangaroo leather. There’s been discussion among reviewers that this is a de-contenting of the shoe – but I’ve never worn Kangaroo so I don’t anticipate missing anything.

First Wear

Sunday was my first wear of the boot. I had the first meeting with my 7v7 team for the spring, and we played an hour’s worth of 4v4 soccer on a 44×18 yard field.

The field was still soft from Saturday’s morning rain. The grass in our region is just coming out of dormancy so coverage was spotty in areas.

My first impression of the boot was that it had more grip on the ground than my Total 90’s did. Adidas uses ten round, molded plastic studs with the addition of an eleventh diamond shaped stud mid-foot. The Nike’s use twelve molded blade shaped spikes for traction.

Out of the box, the shoes were very stiff. After thirty minutes in playing in warm weather, they seemed to soften to some degree. I’m guessing they will probably need 3-5 hours of play before they are fully broken in and game ready.

Fit was very good and snug in size 11 (US) for me throughout the shoe. I’m not expecting to have any hot spot or blistering.

Another transition for me in the shoe is the lack of the “control surfaces” Nike uses on the Total 90. I’m not sure I benefited from these elements on the Total 90. The touch was good on the 11Pro. I’ll be interested to see how I evolve in play wearing the shoe.

More to come as the boots are broken in and thoroughly play tested.


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