April Football from Europe is the Next Great Sports Event

23 Apr

The last few weeks of football from Europe have been a fantastic run-up to finale.

I started casually following the English Premier League, UEFA Champions’ League and Spain’s La Liga two years ago. This season it has been a weekly habit with multiple matches per week.

With these seasons all coinciding from late summer and rising to finales in May, April has been a fantastic month of matches four or five days a week.

I elected last year to start supporting the underdog club of Manchester, Manchester City, in the English Premier League. City led the league for much of the season before giving the lead away to their rivals Manchester United. Now the race has pulled within a one win/one loss margin that could be evened when the two teams meet April 30.

It’s a date circled for our household.

Last weekend had a fantastic set of matches, starting with a 2-1 classic between Spanish rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid and continuing Sunday with a 4-4 battle between Manchester United and Everton.

Finally, the finals for the best club in Europe will be set this week following the second leg of two matches with four of Europe’s biggest clubs.

There’s a lot of DVR content out there!

These season finales are likely to continue to help build viewership of the European game in the United States with almost every match finishing in a highly competitive style.

Have you been watching?


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