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Fitness Metrics as of November 1, 2011

1 Nov

Diet: Paleo Plus Dairy

I’m approaching two months of good compliance on Paleo plus dairy as my diet.  Cereal has stayed out of my breakfasts, bread and sandwiches out of my lunch, and I’ve avoided snack foods entirely.

Most of my dairy intake is from whole milk, homemade Greek Yogurt, with some occasional whole milk when it’s available.  I’m also using real butter in some foods.

I’ve experimented with new foods over the past month – roasting winter squashes and pumpkin as sides for meals.

I’ve been able to maintain my reduced caffeine intake that I started last month, and take some further reductions on some weekends.

With my brother’s wedding, I had one weekend of alcohol that took several days to recover from.

Weight Lifting

I lifted weights 10 days during October, down from 11 in September.  I had two out-of-town trips which reduced the days available.

My maximum squat increased 10 pounds, now to 215 pounds (1.5 times body weight).  Deadlift was steady with last month at 185 pounds (1.3 times body weight).  Bench press was steady at 150 lbs (1 times body weight).

Overall, I’ve been trying to find ways to make my weight lifting workouts more efficient – mostly doing fewer exercises that overlap and focusing on what I think are the most efficient for getting stronger.


Running came back from September, but was less than what I had hoped for before the month started.  In total, I did 26 miles in five runs.  My long run was 10.56 miles.  I actually did the same distance last October.

My running highlight was early in the month with my overall race win in the Lily’s Run 5k.

In November, I need to return to 20 miles per week for at least the first half of the month to be well prepared for the Atlanta Half Marathon in 23 days.  I’m not concerned with finishing, but I want to make sure I can get close to a personal record.


A five Sunday month allowed me to play soccer four Sundays.  My play continued to improve – with a goal coming last week on a corner kick.

My improved speed and agility is helping on defending.  I still need more repetitions on the field to get burned less often by feints and maneuvers.


I’ve increased my weekday sleep by about 45 minutes since the summer time.  Weekends are probably close to eight hours.  Quality is also improved – less waking during the night.

Weight: 142 Pounds

I dropped three pounds during October – down from 145 last month.